How To Avoid Common DIY Door Replacement Mistakes

How To Avoid Common DIY Door Replacement Mistakes

9 March 2023
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Replacing your door is one of the most common home improvement projects, but it can be easy to make mistakes that cost you time and money. This article covers some of the most common DIY door replacement mistakes so you can confidently tackle this project yourself. 

Not Measuring Properly

Before you even start shopping for a new door, you first need to accurately measure the opening. You don't want to buy a door that won't fit in your home. Take multiple measurements in both height and width and record them. You want to start with the rough opening, not the existing door size. The rough opening should be at least a few inches wider and higher than the door to allow for any out-of-square issues and uneven floors.

Keep in mind that non-standard doors may require special ordering and additional costs. These doors often feature pre-hung frames and come with jambs, weatherstripping, and hinges already attached. You may have to cut the bottom of the door frame to fit thicker flooring, such as tile.

Installing Without Adequate Support

Installing a door without the right support will create problems that you may not have anticipated. For example, the door may become difficult to open and close due to warped jambs or sagging over time. To prevent this problem, use shims for proper installation. This will provide extra support and help keep your door level properly aligned.

For heavier doors, use a header support to help distribute weight evenly. The header support runs along the top of the door frame and will prevent any bowing or warping over time. You can also use a bottom plinth to provide additional leverage and stability.

You also want to make sure that your jamb is securely attached to the wall framing. This will prevent any warping or shifting of the door frame when you open and close it. You may need to use additional nails and screws to adequately support the frame.

Ignoring the Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is an important part of any door installation. It helps keep out drafts and moisture, which can damage your home over time. When installing a door, make sure that you use quality weather stripping materials. You may also need an adhesive or caulking to secure the weather stripping in place.

Make sure to check the weather stripping periodically so that any gaps or wear can be repaired quickly. This will help ensure that your door provides the most protection against drafts and moisture. Plus, it will help reduce your energy bills since less air escapes your home.

Replacing a door might seem intimidating at first glance, but with careful planning and preparation, it can be pretty manageable for the average DIYer. Just remember to measure twice, choose the right material for your needs, and always double-check that everything is installed correctly before calling it a day. With these tips in mind, you should be able to easily replace your old door. 

Contact a local door replacement service to learn more. 

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