Repairing Your Damaged Deck

Repairing Your Damaged Deck

31 January 2023
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The deck may be one of the areas of your yard where you and your family spend the most time. However, the reality is that there may be many situations where a person may have to arrange for major repairs to be done to their deck in order to keep it a safe area to use.

Rotted Planks

Rotted planks can be one of the most common issues that a wood deck is likely to experience over the years. When one of these planks starts to rot, it can create a weak area that may be more prone to failure when individuals try to use it. If this were to happen, they could suffer severe injuries. While sealing and waterproofing the deck can help to lessen the risk of this problem arising, it is a problem that homeowners should expect to encounter as their deck ages. Luckily, a deck repair service can replace the rotted plank, and they can perform an assessment of the rest of the plans to determine if any of them are in the early stages of suffering this water damage.

Loose Supports

Your deck will be immensely heavy, and it will require strong and stable support to manage this immense weight. Over time, it can be possible for these supports to experience some problems that may negatively impact their performance. An example of this could be soil eroding from around the supports as this could cause them to become unstable and start to shift positions. Once you notice that this is occurring with your deck, you should avoid using it until it has been repaired. The shifting supports can increase the risk of a structural failure that may cause large sections of the deck to collapse. In cases where the supports are just loose, the addition of cement around the base of the supports may help to alleviate this problem. However, if the supports have suffered cracks or other physical damage, replacing them might be necessary, and this will require a professional deck repair contractor to complete.


Extensive warping of the deck can be another issue that you may be prone to encounter. Often, this can be a problem that is more likely to occur with older decks. In addition to being a potential indication of water damage, warping can also be a sign that the weight limit of the deck may be exceeded. A professional inspection will be required to determine which of these is the case. In situations where the warping is the result of the weight limit being exceeded, a decking contractor may be able to reinforce the deck so that it can better handle the weight of the furniture, people, grills, and other sources of weight that can be reasonably expected. 

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