3 Ombre Wall Designs To Consider

3 Ombre Wall Designs To Consider

16 January 2023
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If you plan to hire a professional painter to paint a specific room in your home and you want at least one of the walls to have a unique appearance, there are lots of designs that you can discuss. Ombre walls are a trendy choice, and there's a good chance that any experienced painting contractor you hire will have experience with this type of project. An ombre wall features several different colors, typically changing from dark at the bottom to light at the top. Having one ombre wall in a room as an accent wall can immediately change the look of the entire space. If you like the idea of an ombre wall, here are some designs to consider.

Black To Light Gray

For people who want a clean, modern look on their ombre wall, using neutral colors can be a good option. A sensible design to consider is a wall that varies from black to light gray. Alternatively, if you find that black is too dark for the room, you might choose dark gray for the bottom of the wall. This design can work well in many areas of the home, including your living room and home office. The neutral colors will give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing furniture and decor.

Dark Blue To Light Blue

Another color choice to consider for an ombre wall is a design that transitions from dark blue close to the floor to light blue close to the ceiling. The dark blue along the bottom of the wall provides a solid, grounded look, while varying shades of light blue at the top of the wall provide an airy style. This combination of colors can provide a stylish look in a space that gets a lot of natural light, such as a sunroom. Alternatively, you might favor it in your bathroom because of blue's connection with water.

Dark Brown To Tan

There are many visually pleasing tones in the brown color spectrum, and incorporating these hues into your ombre wall design is another option to think about. Dark brown along the lower part of the wall, transitioning to a light tan just below the ceiling, offers a fairly neutral and natural look. This combination can be a good option in a room that has brown leather furniture, such as a living room with a leather couch or a dining room with leather chairs. Discuss these ombre wall color options with your painting professional.

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