Adding Insulation To Your Home? Know The Differences Between These 3 Types

Adding Insulation To Your Home? Know The Differences Between These 3 Types

6 June 2022
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Is your home lacking insulation and you've decided to add more? If so, it will help to know the differences between these common kinds so that you can select the one that's best for you. 

Batt Insulation

Batt insulation comes in two variations that are with and without backing. The difference between these two really depends on the climate that you live in. A vapor barrier is not necessary if you live in an area with a lot of humidity, since that backing can actually trap the moisture inside the insulation and make it harder to dry. 

If you are using batt insulation with a backing, then extra care needs to be put into the installation. This means cutting out parts of the batt insulation if it is going around plumbing or structural items so that the insulation is not compressed. Properly installed insulation is going to do a better job. 

There is also a form of batt insulation made out of cotton, which actually comes from recycled blue jean material. The nice thing about this type of insulation is that it will be easier to handle during the installation process. Gloves are not even necessary because it will not irritate the skin.

Spray Foam

Another popular type of insulation is spray foam. Much like with batt insulation, there are different types of spray foam that you need to be aware of. Closed cell spray foam insulation is going to form an airtight seal and actually helps add strength and stability to your home's structure after it is installed. Open cell insulation is going to lack the vapor retarder that closed cell insulation has and have a lower overall R-value. It is a cheaper material though and may be best for your budget

Blow-In-Blanket System Insulation

The nice benefit of using blow-in-blanket insulation is that it is incredibly easy to install, and you may even be able to do it yourself. It does require some special equipment to grind up the insulation so that it can be blown into the space, but many home improvement stores will rent the equipment to you at the same time you purchase the insulation. Blow-in-blanket insulation is going to provide full coverage of the area and not leave any voids behind. You'll have no problems filling in spaces behind pipes and support structures. 

Reach out to a company like All Seasons Building Materials Company, Inc for more information. 

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