Are Copper Gutters Right For Your Home? Helpful Information For Curious Homeowners

Are Copper Gutters Right For Your Home? Helpful Information For Curious Homeowners

20 April 2022
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Whether you are installing gutters for the first time or interested in replacing an existing gutter system, it can be helpful to compare the various materials and styles currently available. In addition to the most common guttering options, like vinyl or aluminum, homeowners may also want to consider a higher-quality material, like copper. 

Homeowners who are unfamiliar with many of the potential benefits offered by copper gutters can use the following information to help them make the best decision for their upcoming gutter installation project. 

Copper adds beauty 

Age and exposure to the elements causes copper to develop a unique, lustrous appearance that can serve to complement and enhance many different residential home designs. As one of the most malleable of metals, copper gutters can be crafted for use with custom design features, like arches, curves and angles. 

Copper eliminates seams

An important benefit of using copper gutters is to eliminate the need for seams that often end up leaking or coming apart. Instead of being produced in mass quantities, copper gutters are custom crafted to fit the shape, size and style required for each home where they are being installed. 

Copper offers enduring protection

At first glance, homeowners may think that copper gutters are too expensive for their project. However, when homeowners understand that copper gutters have a much longer lifespan than the one offered by less costly gutter options, it becomes clear that copper can actually be an excellent investment for many types of residential structures. 

Instead of budgeting for regular gutter replacement every decade or so, most homeowners who install copper gutters may never need to consider replacing them. In most instances, copper gutters require only regular cleaning to remove leaf litter and other debris and maintain full functionality. If a problem should develop, due to deterioration of solder or other issues, the joints and connectors are typically easy to repair with new solder. 

Copper gutters can also be easily fitted with screens or guards to protect them from damage due to clogs and reduce periodic cleaning and maintenance needs. 

Homeowners who are interested in utilizing copper as the material for an upcoming gutter installation project will want to know that the process offers a few important differences. For example, copper gutters must be installed using copper fasteners and fittings to avoid the potential corrosive reaction that occurs when copper and aluminum come into contact with each other. 

To learn more about the installation process and potential benefits, homeowners should speak with a reputable gutter installation contractor who specializes in copper gutters. Look into copper installation today.

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