Equip Your Dock With Storage, Safety, And Sun Protection

Equip Your Dock With Storage, Safety, And Sun Protection

28 March 2022
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A racking system, a bumper set, and a canopy are three supplies that will equip your dock with storage, safety, and sun protection. Consult with your building contractor about these items and some placement strategies that will be beneficial.

A Racking System

A racking system can be installed alongside a dock or directly upon it. A metal or wooden frame that contains one or more security shelves can be used to hold oars, canoes, life jackets, and other essentials that you need while boating or swimming.

A racking system should be constructed of materials that are weather resistant. Gear that is designated for dock use is typically made of components that will not rust or become discolored. While your contractor is drawing up the building plans for the new dock, request to see various layouts for a racking system. This will help you choose one that will be accommodating.

A Bumper Set

Bumpers are typically installed along the sides and the front of a dock. They are secured to the beams that comprise a dock and will rest near the waterline. If you are going to have a floating dock installed, the bumpers will rise and fall with the water and the dock.

If you are going to have a fixed dock installed, your contractor may need to assess the waterway first and determine the best height to install the dock and the bumpers. Since boating damage can occur if a boat comes into contact with the materials that comprise the sides or the front of a dock, having bumpers in place will preserve the condition of your watercraft.

A Canopy

A canopy can consist of weatherproof fabric or a plastic shell. A canopy will aid in keeping the sun off of you while you are gearing up, prior to entering your boat. A canopy can also be an asset during times that you or a visitor plans on sitting on the dock. If your contractor is going to add a seating and standing area on the dock, consider adding the canopy directly overhead.

The height of the canopy should be in proportion to the height of the chairs or the standing height of you or anyone else who will be spending time on the dock. Consider the colors that the dock materials are made of and invest in a canopy style that is similar. A canopy that contains a washable cover will allow you to easily keep the overhang well-maintained.

For more information on boat dock supplies, contact a professional near you.

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