Smart Upgrades To Use For Your Bathroom Renovation

Smart Upgrades To Use For Your Bathroom Renovation

17 March 2022
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Bathroom renovations generally refer to upgrading everything from the flooring to the shower and sinks. A popular way to upgrade a bathroom during renovations is to now add smart options that bring an extra level of comfort to the room. If you have not considered the smart options that can be added to your bathroom during your renovation, here are a few to consider and the benefits of each one.

Heated Flooring

Heated flooring is an upgrade that many homeowners consider when it is time for a renovation. The benefit of heated flooring in a bathroom is the ability to step out of a hot shower or bath to a comforting temperature from head to toe. A cold floor or damp floor can jolt someone out of a calming frame of mind and be a harsh slap to the senses. A warm floor can give you a sense of comfort and offer the ability to stay within your relaxing frame of mind. Heated flooring can also be a great benefit during colder months and help to maintain the energy efficiency of the home.

Smart Faucets

Smart faucets are an option that you may not consider for your bathroom. There is a misconception that smart faucets simply adjust the temperature and maintain it. Though that alone is a benefit, there are other benefits to these faucets. There are more benefits depending on the brand of faucet you choose. One of the benefits is leak detection. This feature can notify you the first moment a leak starts and help you locate where that leak is. You can also find smart faucets that offer pressure gauge options to notify you of a loss in water pressure or help you adjust the water pressure to the desired amount.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a luxury upgrade for many homeowners. There are several options available with smart lighting. Some of these options include lighting that switches on when you walk in the room or motion is detected. You can also have lighting that is LED-based which reduces the heat coming off the lights. LED also allows you the ability to choose remote or timer-controlled lighting and lighting in various colors. This gives the option of a mood lighting atmosphere to help your relaxation and mood.

These are just a few of the smart upgrades you can use for your bathroom renovation. If you want some of these ideas or have ideas of your own, discuss them with a renovation contractor like Thompson Absolute Construction. They can assess your current bathroom situation and determine what upgrades are available and what options may be ideal for your renovation. They can also discuss other smart options that may benefit your bathroom or home in general.

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