Why You Should Make Sure Your Basement Is Waterproof If It Isn't Already

Why You Should Make Sure Your Basement Is Waterproof If It Isn't Already

10 February 2022
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Many people think of their basement as kind of an impenetrable room that is protected from the elements above. While it may be true that environmental issues like wind, extreme sunshine, and heat rarely affect the material in your basement, it is not true that your basement is impervious to any kind of decay. Water is a major issue when it comes to your basement, and if you are not careful, it could threaten the very foundations of your home. Here are a few reasons why you should consider basement waterproofing if your home has not already gone through this process.

Water Can Come From Multiple Directions

Basements are a unique part of your house because they are surrounded or at least partially surrounded on three sides by nothing but earth. This soil soaks up water from the rain and can be naturally quite moist, even if it hasn't rained once you go down a couple of feet. That means that water can come in from the sides or the floor, depending on where the structural weakness is or where the natural water is pooling. Basement waterproofing is a service that can be applied to all parts of your basement to ensure nowhere is left unprotected.

Water Problems Spread

While the issue may originate in your basement, the problems relating to water can spread very quickly to the more popular areas of your home above. If your entire home is made out of brick or other porous material the water can seep up slowly, which is called rising damp. Alternatively, even if the water itself does not spread that far, the symptoms of it can be felt above. Mold and mildew are very annoying issues that affect quite a few households, and in many circumstances, they stem from the basement and could have been prevented with waterproofing.

Major Weather Events

If you do live in an area that is prone to big thunderstorms, flooding, or any other type of problem that involves a lot of water, then it is essential your home is as waterproof as possible. Because your basement is the lowest part of your home, water will naturally flow down to it and attack it the hardest. Without a guard of some kind, your basement will show signs of wear and tear much quicker than the rest of your home and can potentially require quite a lot of remedial work to fix it after only a few years. 

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