What Kinds Of Services Constitute Asphalt Maintenance?

What Kinds Of Services Constitute Asphalt Maintenance?

17 December 2021
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When it comes to laying pavements, asphalt is a favored choice of construction material for many projects throughout the United States, and it isn't difficult to see why.

When designed and installed correctly, asphalt pavements provide smooth and durable surfaces that are safe for both people and vehicles to use. They also help save money on pavement construction projects due to the lower cost of the building material and faster project completions. 

That said, all asphalt surfaces require routine maintenance to preserve their structural integrity and to keep looking beautiful year-round. Asphalt contractors offer a wide range of professional services that are designed to maximize the safety and lifespan of your asphalt surfaces.

Keep reading to learn more about asphalt maintenance services.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Also referred to as asphalt sealing, seal coating is the process of applying a protective coating over asphalt surfaces to block out inclement elements such as rain, ice, snow, and ultraviolet radiation. Without this top layer of protection, your asphalt can become damaged quickly, and you may be forced to undertake expensive asphalt repairs down the road.

Newly-installed asphalt pavements should only be sealed after the asphalt is fully cured and hardened. The frequency of subsequent applications of seal coat will depend on the wear rate of the existing sealer.

Asphalt Crack Filling

Your asphalt pavements will develop cracks at some point during their lifespan. Whether or not these cracks will require a filler depends on their severity. Generally, minor cracks in asphalt don't require a filler as they can be sealed with a quality sealer.

Larger cracks, on the other hand, can compromise the strength and health of asphalt pavements. To effectively fix these cracks, an asphalt filler will need to be used, and the entire paved surfaces must be sealed to prevent further damage to the asphalt.

Asphalt Patching

Over time, the repeated freeze-thaw cycles that your asphalt pavements are subjected to can weaken the structures to the point of forming potholes. 

If there are potholes on your pavement, you should get them patched. During asphalt patching, new asphalt is filled into a pothole and rolled over to make it adhere to the existing asphalt. This helps to restore the initial surface qualities of the paved surface.

Different types of asphalt mixes are available for repairing potholes. Make sure you choose the right one for your pothole repair job.

Asphalt pavements are designed to receive constant traffic and withstand daily exposure to the outside elements, they can develop cracks, fractures, potholes, and many other forms of damage that are not only unpleasant to look at, but are also dangerous if left unrepaired. For professional assistance with asphalt maintenance, don't hesitate to contact an asphalt company near you.

For more information, reach out to an asphalt paving service near you.

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