How To Make The Most Out Of Asphalt Crack Sealing

How To Make The Most Out Of Asphalt Crack Sealing

17 December 2021
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If you have asphalt that is starting to crack, you want to be sure you repair it before the crack has the chance to get any worse. That can save you additional repair time and costs. Here are several crack sealing protocols you'll want to follow for asphalt surfaces. 

Use a Portable Vacuum to Suck up Loose Debris

There will probably be some loose debris inside the cracks you're looking to fill in with a solution. They need to be removed before you apply anything because that will ensure the sealant goes down far enough and then cures properly.

Removing debris inside cracks on asphalt will be a lot easier to do if you use a portable vacuum. As long as it has a strong enough suction, it should remove loose rocks, dirt, and other particles. Then you'll have an easier time sealing up these cracks.

Heat up Sealing Solution

Whatever type of filler solution you purchase for asphalt cracks, you'll want to heat it up somehow to where it's more malleable. Then you'll have an easier time administering it inside the crack, as well as ensuring an effective seal is created after the filler has time to cool back down.

If you feel comfortable enough, you can use a blow torch to heat up your asphalt filler solutions until they have a more fluid consistency. Just make sure you fill the cracks up with enough filler to account for product loss due to heat. 

Keep Working Until Filled-In Crack is Level

An important goal to have when becoming involved in asphalt crack sealing is having a level surface at the end. Not only does that look better, it also prevents the sealant solution from breaking apart over time.

You'll want to find a tool with a flat surface -- such as a shovel -- so that you can level in the sealant or filler that's being placed in asphalt cracks. The layers will go down due to compression, so keep adding more filler until this process stops. Then you should have an even surface leftover, and that's when you know your job is done until the next crack develops.

Asphalt cracks are unsightly and can lead to far worse problems like potholes. If you quickly seal these cracks up before they have the chance to get bigger, this common issue won't create a bunch of headaches. Just be sure the right sealing products are used effectively and consistently. Contact a crack sealing service near you to learn more.

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