Six Things Not To Do Regarding Land Clearing Work On Your Property

Six Things Not To Do Regarding Land Clearing Work On Your Property

21 October 2021
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Land clearing may be an essential step in executing your property development plans. It's important to realize the complexities of land clearing work and to avoid mistakes that could potentially delay you in pursuing your property development goals.

The following are six things not to do regarding land clearing work on your property. 

Clearing land before you're certain of property boundaries

You could end up having big problems if you unknowingly clear land that actually belongs to a neighboring property owner. That's why it's essential to verify all property boundaries before you proceed with any land clearing project. 

If you're uncertain of property boundaries, you may want to discuss them with your neighbors or consult the deed to your property. You should also consult with your land clearing service about apparent property boundary markers before land clearing work begins. 

Attempting to do your own land clearing

It's best to leave land clearing work to the professionals. Clearing land requires heavy-duty equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. If you are not properly equipped and you try to clear your own land, the project will be much more difficult, time-consuming, and potentially hazardous. 

Not notifying your neighbors that you're doing land clearing work

As a courtesy, you should let your neighbors know about any land clearing work that you'll be engaged in. This way, your neighbors will know to expect some potential disturbances on your property while land clearing work takes place. 

Being unaware of what permits you need

Each municipality has its own rules in place in terms of what permits are required for land clearing work. It's you're responsibility to acquire any needed permits before work can begin. Your land clearing service can advise you about needed permits and assist you with acquiring permits before the work begins. 

Not putting enough thought into which trees you're felling

You shouldn't just indiscriminately clear all trees away on your land. You may want to keep some trees for landscape or for ecological value. Consider exactly what you want to have done during land clearing and think about possibly keeping some natural landscaping features to avoid issues like erosion in the future. 

Neglecting to plan ahead for brush removal

Landowners often only plan ahead for heavy-duty work like tree removal while overlooking smaller projects like brush removal. However, brush removal can also require heavy-duty equipment and a considerable amount of time. That's why you need to include brush removal in your land clearing plans to ensure that work stays on schedule. 

Contact a land clearing service near you to learn more.

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