4 Factors To Keep In Mind During Solar Installation

4 Factors To Keep In Mind During Solar Installation

20 May 2021
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Solar energy is gaining popularity as the years go by because it is renewable and environmentally friendly. Besides, it can help you reduce electricity bills and support diverse applications. However, if you want to get the most out of solar, you should learn about it and work closely with professionals. The following are four factors to consider before solar installation.

1. Amount of Energy Needed

Your home's energy needs depend on the number of appliances and people in the household.  The right number of panels for you will depend on these needs. If you have a large family, the chances are that your household's energy consumption rate is high. Therefore, you need a large solar system or several panels. A small family with many appliances might also need more panels.

If your home is not insulated, your air conditioner may be consuming more power, and your energy needs are likely to be high. An electrical contractor can help you calculate the power requirements to know the solar panels you need. Since you can sell power back to your utility company, it is safer to have panels that generate excess power than to receive less power than you need.

2. Sunlight Coverage

If your property receives ample sunlight, you can get away with fewer panels. However, if you receive less sunlight due to your region's climate or your home is blocked by trees or other buildings, you might need many panels to absorb adequate sunlight. This way, you will have enough power to meet your needs when the sun is out. The experts will also help you place the panels strategically for maximum output.

3. Cost

Contractors usually charge solar panel installation differently. For this reason, you need to research multiple companies to choose one with friendly rates. Some factors, such as roof type and solar panel type, can also influence the price. For instance, experts need advanced techniques to install panels on certain roofing tiles.

4. Permits

Before solar installation, you might need to apply for permits from the relevant local authorities because the process involves electrical and construction work. You also need to hire a competent installation company to ensure your project meets electrical and building codes for safety purposes. Fortunately, your utility company can handle the logistics and help you get relevant documents and supplies to make work more manageable. 

Solar installation should be approached from an informed angle to avoid costly mistakes. You should consider the factors discussed above to make the process smoother when undertaking the solar installation project.

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