Mechanical Installations With Sump Pumps To Protect Your Home From Water Problems

Mechanical Installations With Sump Pumps To Protect Your Home From Water Problems

29 April 2021
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Water and moisture that get into your home through the foundation are serious problems you want to prevent. Modern drainage systems can be installed with sump pumps to help solve these problems. You are going to need the right mechanical systems and sump pump installation to prevent water problems. The following sump pump installation information will help you choose the right design to protect your home from water problems:

Assessing Existing Systems

The existing drainage systems and sump pump wells need to be checked before a new solution can be designed. You want to look for problems that need to be addressed, such as lines that are prone to blockage or an undersized sump pump. These are areas where you may want to have some upgrades done when you have a new sump pump installed for your foundation.

Designing New French Drains

The foundation drain lines of your home are specially designed French drain systems. They allow water to seep into the drains and flow to a sump pump. The water can then be pumped out of your home to prevent problems with moisture and damage. There are several options to consider when designing the new foundation drainage and sump pump installation for your home. You may want to use drain pipes that can handle a larger volume of water, install an interior system if you have a basement, or upgrade the size of the sump pump you have installed.

Installing the Foundation Drainage

After the new French drain system has been designed, it will be time to prepare for installation. On the exterior of your home, excavations can be done for the installation of new drain tiles (drainage pipe). If you are adding drainage systems to the interior of your home, concrete cutting will need to be completed before the new drain tiles can be installed. These drainage systems will flow to a dry well where the sump pump can remove the water from your home.

Installing the Sump Pump System

The sump pump system is the last component of your drainage that needs to be installed. The sump pump needs to have a well or housing installed, too. If your old sump pump and well were undersized, the new equipment should be larger to accommodate the volume of water that can get into your home's foundation.

The drainage and sump pump systems will protect your home from common water and moisture problems that affect your foundation. Contact a local sump pump installation service to start planning the right solution for your home.

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