Practical Reasons to Utilize Video Sewer Inspections

Practical Reasons to Utilize Video Sewer Inspections

16 December 2020
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Today, plumbers are starting to readily rely on sewer line video equipment. It's an innovative system that can help you as the homeowner with a lot of things.

1. Identify the System Type

Sometimes after owning a home for a while, you need to know exactly what type of plumbing system you have. You may be thinking about replacing a couple of sections or the plumbing entirely and knowing what materials are underneath your property is pivotal.

Finding out these details is easy if you hire a local plumber that provides video sewer inspections. The equipment they use will quickly show the plumbing systems underneath. You can then tell what the materials are made of and that can aid in your plumbing decision moving forward. Knowing plumbing materials would be pretty difficult without this special video equipment, often requiring a lot of digging.

2. Figure Out the Water Flow 

Sometimes to get past a plumbing issue, the flow of water must be identified. Plumbers can then take this information and implement this knowledge in a solution, whether it's adding additional fixtures or coming up with a different system entirely at different places.

Finding out the flow of water will be easy for the plumber you hire if they rely on video sewer inspections. The high-tech video camera will be placed inside plumbing where water is run, giving them a complete understanding of the flow of water in little time. Then they'll know how to better approach your plumbing system.

3. Pinpoint Tree Roots

If you have old trees, some of their roots may grow too close to your home's plumbing and actually puncture an area. Knowing where this happens is crucial in having the right area repaired correctly. If you hire a plumber that offers video sewer inspection services, then you won't have any trouble finding these invading root areas. The camera equipment involved will identify these areas quickly.

The plumber conducting the inspection can closely examine the feedback that the camera provides and know right off the bat what repair solutions are required. This equipment takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Video sewer inspections are being offered by plumbers looking to modernize their services to provide clients with more convenience. If there is a plumbing problem that could benefit from this inspection, carefully look for plumbers that are capable of delivering with the special video equipment that's involved. 

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