Pumping the Septic Tank: What You Need to Know

Pumping the Septic Tank: What You Need to Know

7 December 2020
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Professional plumbers can pump a septic tank to remove gunk, clear it out, and keep it working for you. Although it is good to have a septic tank to conserve energy while getting rid of wastewater, you need to take proper care of the septic tank to keep it working. Without a good maintenance routine, you might run into more issues than you would like to with your septic tank over the years.

Is Pumping a Septic Tank Necessary?

It is imperative to pump a septic tank. When it does not get pumped, clogs can develop, leading to costly issues for homeowners. Not sure when to get it pumped? Most professional plumbers would recommend getting it done at least once every five years or so, but you may need to have it done sooner when living with multiple people in a home with several bathrooms.

How Can You Tell If the Septic Tank Needs Pumping?

Although it is better to get the septic tank pumped before experiencing any of these issues, you can tell that it likely needs a good pumping if your toilet is not flushing correctly. If the toilet does not seem to flush as powerfully as it did before, there may be an issue. Other signs include standing water, difficulty getting water to go down the drain, and an awful odor. When there is a funky smell in a clean home, it is typically a sign of a clogged septic tank.

Does It Take a Long Time to Pump the Septic Tank?

While most people think this is a lengthy, tedious process, pumping the septic tank will not take too much time for a professional plumber to complete. Although the septic tank's size does matter, the pumping process on most septic tanks takes less than 30 minutes to complete. If it takes longer, it is usually due to the septic tank's overall size for that specific property.

Septic tank pumping is more critical than a lot of homeowners realize. When it does not get pumped for a long time, it starts to get backed up and full of debris, which can lead to standing water, nasty odors, and other plumbing issues. If it has been a while since you have had your septic tank pumped, reach out to a plumber to get it done before running into a problem. If you are already noticing signs of a clogged septic tank, you should immediately talk to a plumber.

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