3 Features To Think About When Developing A Dock Construction Plan

3 Features To Think About When Developing A Dock Construction Plan

21 October 2020
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When wanting to get a dock installed by a body of water near your home, a construction company will work with you to create a dock construction plan. The plan will provide in-depth details of what your dock will look like and how much space it will take up before it gets built and installed in the perfect spot.

How Long Does the Dock Need to Be?

Figure out the length required for the dock to stretch out from the back of your property to the water. If you already have a boat, you may have an easier time getting the measurements you need to determine your dock's exact size. You can choose where you would like the dock to come to an end as well. While some people have it end just a few inches out by the water, others want to have extended docks that they can walk on and even sit on to go fishing without getting in a boat to do so.

Do You Want Your Dock to Have a Cover?

A covered dock is a convenience for when you plan to sit out on it. If one of the reasons you are getting a dock installed is because you want to sit on it with your fishing rod to see what you can catch, getting a covered dock is ideal. The cover attached to it will block out some of the sunlight to keep you from dealing with too much sun exposure. It also keeps you dry when it rains outside. While a cover is suitable for some, it is not for everyone. Decide if it is something you want during the design of your dock construction plan.

Do You Have a Wood Preference?

While most docks serve the same purpose, they do not all look the same. Do you prefer a particular wood style? Some people like wood materials in lighter colors, while others prefer darker shades. Pressure-treated pine is often selected by those getting docks built and installed near their properties. Red cedar wood is another popular option. Before completing the dock construction plan, research a few wood types to see what they look like and how well they can hold up outdoors.

Before the dock's construction begins, determine the length needed, decide if you want it to have a cover, and choose the type of wood that you wish to have the contractors using. All the information you decide on will get included in the dock construction plan that the contractors will reference when working on it.

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