Four Tips For Designing A Functional And Appealing Custom Exterior For Your Home

Four Tips For Designing A Functional And Appealing Custom Exterior For Your Home

6 July 2020
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One key benefit of building a custom home is that it gives you the freedom to play around with various designs and styles. However, this much freedom comes with a few challenges as well. If you don't plan properly, you may end up with a less-than-appealing exterior for your custom house. To avoid this, keep reading for some insightful design tips to help you create a functional yet visually appealing exterior.

Choose Your Exterior Colors Carefully

Color plays a critical role in determining the appearance of your custom home's exterior. When paired correctly, colors can add visual appeal to your home and connect the interior and exterior spaces. Thus, choose your preferred palette. You should have it in mind when planning for the window frames and siding, wall and roof color, and even any landscaping features you wish to install around the outdoor space. 

Design Functional and Practical Windows

Modern design focuses on opening up a house by adding many large windows all over the house. Windows don't only affect your indoor space. They also influence the appearance and functionality of the exterior space. Thus, look beyond their beauty and think about their practicality. For example, designs such as double-hung, casement, bay, picture, and sliding windows can improve the ventilation of your home. Choose their placement wisely. Also, remember to invest in double- or triple-glazed glass for energy efficiency.

Create a Memorable Entrance

Your entrance can make or break your home's exterior appeal. It is the first thing that most people interact with when they come into your home. Therefore, put a lot of thought into its design. Do you want a flat entrance, or do you want to include steps? Which door design would you like? Does the design fit with the overall style of the home? 

Will you install a metal or wooden door? What color will you paint the door? Which decor features will you include in the entrance area, and how will they affect the overall appearance of the surrounding exterior? Answering these questions will help you create a functional, beautiful, and memorable entrance for your home.

Don't Forget the Roof

The roof is the largest fixture in your home's exterior. Its design, color, materials, and features can affect the overall appearance of the exterior. Therefore, research and find out which roofing styles match the design of your home. Since you're going custom, you can always make tweaks to the design to suit your needs. Choose an ideal roof color.

Think about roofing features such as skylights and gutters and determine how you will style them. Finally, think about the roof's efficiency. Select materials that will increase energy efficiency by providing insulation and reflecting solar radiation.

Designing a custom exterior can be overwhelming. Therefore, analyze every aspect of the space, and think of the colors and materials that will enhance functionality and curb appeal. Consult a building contractor for professional help with your custom home exterior.

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