A Look At The Steps Involved In Concrete Surface Prep Before Adding A Textured Design

A Look At The Steps Involved In Concrete Surface Prep Before Adding A Textured Design

15 May 2020
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Many homeowners assume that if they have existing concrete, it will have to be removed and replaced if they want one of the modern textured designs on the surface. However, concrete texturing and adding decorative concrete finishes can be done to a slab of concrete that is already in place; the surface just has to be properly prepared first. Proper surface prep is required to make sure the new applications adhere to the existing surface and to prevent any flaws in the existing concrete from affecting the new layers. Here is a look at some of the steps that can be involved in concrete surface prep before decorative finishes are added. 

Any cracks or damaged areas will be repaired first. 

If there are existing cracks, crumbling areas, or other points of damage, these will have to be repaired first. Cracks may be filled with a suitable crack filler, crumbled areas may have to be shaved down and reformed, and all other problem areas will have to be aptly tended to. These problems can cause instability when the new layer of finishing concrete is added. For example, a left-behind crack will eventually lead to the new layer cracking as well. 

The concrete will be checked to make sure it is level. 

The concrete that is getting a new surface texture will need to be relatively level. While concrete can be installed on sloped areas and often is, the surface of the concrete does need to slope on an even keel as well. Any adjustments necessary will be done with new concrete or filler materials. 

Thorough cleaning is done to remove any surface debris. 

Once the structural aspects of the concrete have been mended and any repair or filler agents have cured, the professional will be doing a thorough cleaning of the entire slab. Any residue or dirt hanging out on the surface can prevent the new layers from adhering properly. 

The surface may be "roughed-up" to create an adherable texture. 

If the mix that is being used on the surface to create the new decorative finish has a rather thin consistency, the existing surface may have to be texturized so the new layers adhere properly. The concrete prep technician will use special equipment that will likely cut small grooves in the concrete or otherwise give it some texture if the surface in place now is pretty smooth without any cracks or crevices. For more information regarding concrete prep, contact your local contractors.

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