Ideas And Recommendations To Help You Handle Your Bathroom Remodel

Ideas And Recommendations To Help You Handle Your Bathroom Remodel

4 May 2020
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The bathroom inside your home gets used on a daily basis by everyone in your family. There will come a time when you will need or want to update your bathroom with a full remodel or just by replacing or updating specific surfaces and fixtures in the bathroom. Here are some reasons you may want to update your home bathroom and some ideas to help you with a successful improvement to your home.

Update to Improve Performance and Aesthetics

When your bathroom is showing its age and getting worn out or you want to use the space more wisely, you can remodel its interior. Just because your bathtub is lined up against one wall across from the toilet and sink does not mean it needs to remain there: there may be a better spot for your tub to help open up the space better.

Also, as you tear out your bathtub and hire a plumber to move its location, look at replacing the counter and cabinetry and updating the toilet to one that is heated with a bidet to help you clean up. Then, you might want to update the vinyl flooring that is scratched and torn to a neutral-colored decorative tile that will go with virtually any color scheme you want to decorate your bathroom with.

Update for a Lifestyle Change

You might be faced with a new type of lifestyle, which can require a new setup for your living arrangements, For example, if you or a family member has become less mobile due to various reasons, you will need to make the bathroom more accessible. You can do this by making some small changes and also implementing more major adjustments.

For example, if the bathroom needs to accommodate someone in a wheelchair or who needs assistance in sitting, standing, and walking, you will need to add some grab bars around the toilet, along the wall, and also in your shower. The shower will need a place for the individual to sit while showering or bathing so you should look at adding a mobile chair or installing a seat or bench on one side of the shower or tub. 

Grab bars inside the shower or tub are an important and essential addition to provide the person extra leverage and stability while getting into and out of the shower when it is wet and slippery. Another option with the shower is to update it to a roll-in shower or a walk-in bathtub.

If you have an older home, you may need to widen the doorway opening to allow in a wheelchair. Most newer modern homes already have wider door frames.

For more information, contact a bathroom remodeling service.

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